The News Blues & Major News Minor News at Hangar Bicocca

Nicholas Bussmann at Hangar Biccoca

The News Trilogy (Part I and Part II)
by Nicholas Bussmann
Part I – The News Blues
Part II – Major News / Minor News
Nicholas Bussmann approaches news as data stream to be processed by 7 performers of various languages executing a composition or in other words: an algorithm. The composition is a set of simple instructions to structure the performance on multiple levels, to filter, harmonize or decompose the news and trigger social interaction between the performers. Would this be set in Mexico City in the mid 1980’s and chances would be that a political cartoon by Damián Ortega would appear along the performance. In fact, the news and newspapers have been addressed by Ortega in some of his works. His show at the Barbican in London, in 2010, consisted of a series of works created as a response to the daily news during the previous month leading up to the exhibition opening.
In Bussmann’s “The News Blues”, the part I of the trilogy, a lead singer sings an article in a newspaper in his language. The other performers, whilst some might not understand, mimic what they hear, building up harmonies. Seven harmonies and three instructions form together the algorithm of “The News Blues”. This establishes a continuous change of hierarchy inside the group. It gives everybody a stage to play the others, make them do, conduct, make believe.
A piece of news which is interpreted by one performer is mimicked, harmonized, misunderstood and transformed to the essence of news in modern society: a stream of excitement. The News Trilogy, is a musical and social experiment with  the means of algorithmic composition. It works an intricate transformation running at different levels – structural, semantic, processual – in ways that resonate with Ortega’s body of work.
During a section of the presentation of The News Blues, on the second day of performances, the audience is invited to participate, joining the performers, 
“The News Blues” was premiered in Berlin in 2014 and performed 42 times at the Shanghai Biennial 2014/15, with the participation of local singers singing in different Chinese dialects. It was also performed at Fundação de Serralves in Porto, where part II of the Trilogy was premiered.
Nicholas Bussmann is a composer and artist. Trained as a cellist, he has been expanding his practice into various connecting music genres, from electronics to conceptual music, as well as art fields. He is a founder member of Kapital Band 1, Nicholas Desamory, Telebossa and Rydberg. As a curator he promotes music in art context working for the Berlin Documentary Forum and Shanghai Biennale 10
Concept and composition: Nicholas Bussmann
Performers: Eduard Mont de Palol, Laura Mello, Lucile Desamory, Margareth Kammerer, Rico Repotente, Todosch Schlopsnies, Yusuf Ergün.

Installation “Miete essen Seele auf”

Miete Essen Seele Auf

as part of HKW’s exhibition WOHNUNGSFRAGE Angelika Levi’s Film “Miete essen Seele auf” is going to be presented as an installation.
Opening is October 22. 19:00 at HKW. The Film feature music performed by Cottbusser Chor.
Composition: Nicholas Bussmann
Lyrics: Jan Theiler
Performers:Lucile Desamory, Yusuf Ergün, Nana Possmann, Laura Mello,Rico Repotente,Thomas Tichai

News Trilogy Part I & II at Hangar Bicocca Milano


The Berlin based choir “cottbusser chor” will present on saturday the 7.11. and sunday the 8.11. the first two parts of Nicholas Bussmann’s “News Trilogy”:  “The News Blues” and  “Major News / Minor News” also on sunday there will be a workshop on how to sing the news. News will be sung in French, English, Zaza, German, Turkish, Portugese, Italian and Kurdish. For the workshop everybody is welcome who enjoys singing.

The News Trilogy Part I & II


17 – 19 ABRIL 2015 (Sex – Dom | Fri – Sun), 16h00-19h00
Museu de Serralves

17 ABR (Sex): The News Blues
18 ABR (Sáb): Major News / Minor News (estreia mundial)
19 ABR (Dom): The News Blues (workshop aberto à participação do público) + Todosch Schlopsnies a solo (guitarra e voz)

As notícias do dia funcionam mais como uma constante evocadora do que uma série de sinais relevantes. Contribuem para a nossa sensação de estarmos vivos, de estarmos presentes, mas pouco fazem para provocar ações ou decisões. Nicholas Bussmann aborda as notícias como uma corrente de dados a serem processados por 7 intérpretes que, empregando as suas línguas, executam uma composição ou, por outras palavras,um algoritmo. A composição é um conjunto de simples instruções para estruturar a representação em múltiplos níveis, para filtrar, harmonizar ou decompor as notícias e desencadear a interação social entre os executantes.

Conceito e composição: Nicholas Bussmann
Cantores: Eduard Mont di Palol, Fernanda Farah, Laura Mello, Lucile Desamory, Rico Repotente, Todosch Schlopsnies, Yusuf Ergün

Acesso: mediante aquisição de bilhete Museu+Parque
O espectáculo tem o formato de instalação performativa. O público pode decidir livremente o tempo de permanência no local da performance, estando apenas sujeito à lotação dos espaços usados.

The Berlin-based composer and artist Nicholas Bussmann offers us a transmutation of the news that reaches us every day from various countries. Using an algorithm, this flow of data that assaults our lives every day will be processed by seven performers, in several languages, and returned to us in the form of music and performance-based interaction. The Blues News and Major News/Minor News are the first and second part of The News Trilogy. The first part premiered in Berlin in 2014 and was presented 42 times in the Shanghai Biennale – performed by Chinese singers and in various dialects. Major News/Minor News will have its world premiere at Serralves.

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Imagem: Nicholas Bussmann, The News Blues, Bienal de Xangai, 2015 © Nicholas Bussmann | Loja | Como chegar | Informações gerais ______ Fundação de Serralves Rua D. João de Castro, 210 4150-417 Porto Portugal

The Fall of the House of Usher

based on Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic tale of decay, demise and doom.

A performance by
Lindy Annis
Nicholas Bussmann
Lucile Desamory

Production manager: Nina Klöckner
Production assistant: Raquel Moreira and Todosch Schlopsnies

March 27th, 28th and 29th 2015 at 20:30

Ausland – Lychenerstr. 60 / 10437 Berlin

Limited admittance! Reserve tickets at: