Peter Ablinger speaking clock variant by Nicholas Bussmann Maerzmusik 2021

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Nicholas Bussmann – Instructions

Nicholas Bussmann Revolution Songs in an AI Environment
The News Trilogy

In the beginning there was an instruction, 
initiating a moment of play which took the form of a book;
a book that emerged out of a solo exhibition held by Nicholas Bussmann
at the TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol.

Several games and ‘plays’ were staged in the exhibition,
where repetitions of repetitions
were repeated
and then again.
How can the practice of the artist be translated into the form of a book?
Bussmann answered this question by incorporating his generative model
of programmatic instructions into the book itself.
The elements that typically form Bussmann’s games remain at play here.
The reiteration of world-building, as with the sung news or the series of iterative texts
in an artist book, let flash in their collision the idea of a bigger picture—
not yet drawn, uncannily complex and heterotopic,
but nonetheless a powerful stance for imaginative action.

(excerpt Epilogue by Nina Tabassomi)
with texts by:
Vinit Agarwal, Lindy Annis, Garnette Cadogan, Philippe Cerf, jee chan,
Yun-han Chang,Jo-hsin Chen, Freya Chou, Communist Lost Soul Capital O,
Damien Desamory, Franz Friedrich, Michael Guggenheim, Karin Harrasser, Stefan Heidenreich,
Hannah Hurtzig, Yan Jun, Alexander Klose, NaP, Natascha Sadr Haghighian,
Els Silvrants-Barclay, Nina Tabassomi and Tim Tetzner.
Nicholas Bussmann Instructions
120 pages
TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol & Verlag für Moderne Kunst
Nicholas Bussmann
The News Trilogy / Revolutions Songs in an AI Environment
LP inklusive digital download
subjam China
T–p records Austria
Taxispalais offers  a winter special package of the Book & LP 30€  here!
or via bandcamp where you can also listen to the music.
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soon out on Vinyl: The News Trilogy

The Cottbusser Chor sings “The News Trilogy”
at SAVVY Contemporary for documenta14 radio

Kapital Band 1 – Internationale Solidarität

Nicholas Bussmann & Martin Brandlmayr
false random & real mistakes
filthy luxurious package
unlimited edition
ni vu ni connu

Télé Réalité at Berlinale

for more information please visit the Berlinale site

Nicholas Bussmann & Natascha Sadr Haghighian – Singing Yesterday’s News Again @Goethe Institute Paris

the 7 channel sound installation is showed in a group show “sound unheard” at Goethe Institute Paris till end of October 2019.

Kopiergruppe No.2 17.8.2019 20:30 Zeitzone Berlin


Kopiergruppe No.1

  1. Juni 2019 20:30 SAVVY Contemporary

gefördert durch die Initiative Neue Musik Berlin

Nicholas Bussmann – Revolution Songs in an AI Environment


Installation for robot controlled grand piano and LED screens, as part of the the solo show “Amelica” by Nicholas Bussmann Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol Innsbruck. Piano robot by Winfried Ritsch.
1776 00:00
1789 02:39
1848 04:22
1871 06:01
1917 11:46
1949 14:12
1966 17:53
1970 19:21
1978 23:00
1980 25:57


Kapital Band 1 live at BR2 in Munich with comrade Bruckmaier November 3rd 2018

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